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Brazil: AACD Telethon

Endemol Shine Brasil uses its digital expertise to elevate donations to the next level

About this project

Endemol Shine Brasil has decided to take part in a world renowned project in 2017 – The Telethon (Teleton in Portuguese). We’ve made our teams available, from creative and production, to digital monitoring and strategy, to work with the Association of Assistance for Handicapped Children (AACD) and SBT on this charitable venture.

In Brazil, the Telethon has aired on SBT for the past two decades, changing the lives of countless people with donations for the AACD, one of the biggest and most respected national institutions supporting disabled people. The show celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and we wanted to bring our digital expertise to take the donations further and higher than ever. We created and developed, alongside SBT and AACD, a parallel content transmission to what’s seen on TV. Entitled Teleton+, the project consisted of a 29-hours live transmission with many digital influencers in a real goodwill chain.

For Teleton+ we wanted not only to work with the stage content, but also with content generated through social media; an actual social Hub. We involved leading digital companies, such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, all on behalf of solidarity.

After months of production, the project went on air-on 27 and 28 of October. Together, Teleton on TV and Teleton+ online have raised more than R$29 million for ACCD (over €7.7 million).

Contributed to the success:

  • Over 7,000 volunteers (more than 50 Endemol Shine Brasil employees)
  • Over 300 celebrities
  • Over 29 hours on-air

“We are happy and honored to support Teleton in Brazil. We’re currently the producer that best develops multi-platform content. It’s natural that we use this expertise to help develop this concept with an initiative such as ‘Teleton+’.” – Juliana Algañaraz, Managing Director of Endemol Shine Brasil


Isadora Armani Soares

Social Media Editor

EndemolShine Brazil
Avenida Nove de Julho, 6017, Jd. Paulista
CEP: 01407-200 São Paulo
+55 (11) 3095 3668 ext: 3682



R$ 29 million raised

in over 29 hours