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ES Group: Adam Helpt

A fresh start: a newly painted apartment

About this project

On July 27, a group of volunteers from Endemol Shine Group’s Marketing and Legal departments spent the day painting an apartment in the Artis neighborhood in Amsterdam.

The apartment belongs to Mr. van Warmerdam, who has moved in after the death of his parents. His emotional and physical conditions did not allow him to get rid of all the items that were left in the apartment, and to organise and clean it properly, leaving him with very poor living conditions.

The Adam HelptĀ organisation heard Mr. van Warmerdam’s story and made sure the Salvation Army provides him with help to empty and clean his place. When Endemol Shine Group got in touch with the organisation they were thrilled that we could finish the job by painting the apartment, so that Mr. van Warmerdam could have a fresh start.


Magda Leginski

Marketing Coordinator

Endemol Shine Group
MediArena 1
1114 BC Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, The Netherlands
+31 208939380



6 volunteers

helped a man in need by painting his apartment