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United Kingdom: Computer Aid 2017

Party goers give generously in support of Computer Aid

About this project

With this year’s summer party, Endemol Shine UK took the opportunity to help the Group get a little closer to its 20k target to fund a Zubabox – a mobile, solar-powered internet hub made from a recycled shipping container that provides connectivity and access to new technology, even to the most isolated and remote communities around the world.

Guests made contributions throughout the evening, raising an astonishing £944.86 as they partied the night away! The donation means we’re likely to reach the target that triggers a Zubabox over the Summer.


Bo-larz Davies

Operations coordinator

Endemol Shine UK
Shepherds Bush
Charecroft Way
W14 0EE London
+44 208 222 4774



£944.86 donated

for Computer Aid towards the build of a Zubabox