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ES Group: Endemol Shine for Humanity, Africa 2016

Helping eliminate poverty & homelessness by providing housing in Zambia

About this project

For the second year running, Endemol Shine Group have partnered with global charity Habitat for Humanity (http://www.habitat.org), a non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate poverty, housing and homelessness from the world and make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action worldwide. On November 2016, 18 Endemol Shine employees from 15 different countries came together to embark on a trip to Zambia as part of our Habitat for Humanity project.

Their mission was to build two homes for the families of Emeldah Nyangu and Juliana Banda – two local widowed women who reside with their children and grandchildren in the compound of Linda, just outside of Lusaka. It was an intense week of hard labour in sweltering temperatures and many nights of sore muscles. But team Endemol Shine persevered with a vigorous team spirit and determination to complete what they set out to do. With each passing day, the experience grew into something much more than an assignment to build a home. It became about the tears and laughter they shared with the warm community of Linda. The joie de vivre of the children. The new-found friendships they formed with each other, and the love for the families they have grown to care for.

Endemol Shine for Humanity brings participants from different Endemol Shine OpCos together to work as a team on various charity projects. To learn more about Habitat for Humanity and how you can help, go to Global Partnerships.



Jelle Wieringa

Head of Legal IP & Business Affairs

Endemol Shine Group
MediArena 1
1114 BC Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, The Netherlands



Two homes

built in just seven days