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France: Laurette Fugain Association

Raising awareness and funds to support leukemia research

About this project

In the lead up to this year’s Cancer Awareness month (October), Endemol Shine France has initiated a campaign to raise both awareness and funds to support leukemia research. We did so in cooperation with Laurette Fugain, an association which fights against leukemia by promoting blood, platelets, plasma, and bone marrow donations, and by funding research and providing hospital units with equipment to make patients’ lives easier.

We took part in a social media campaign, spreading the word about the actions of the charity by “Sticking our tongues out to illness”. We took pictures of ourselves with our tongues out and posted them, alongside the hashtags #tirezlalangue #stickyourtongueout #jesauveunevie, while daring the next person to do the same. Here’s one and another.

Endemol Shine France has invited representatives of Laurette Fugain to come to our offices on September 19, and talk about the charity and its actions. After the presentation, it will be possible to make a blood donation. Furthermore, on October 7 Endemol Shine France will send two teams to participate in a giant pétanque tournament at the Grand Palais, organised by Laurette Fugain. We would like to extended an invitation to all Endemol Shine Opcos who want to send their international teams to take up the challenge. See details here.

Finally, Endemol Shine France is fundraising to ensure the scale and quality of Laurette Fugain‘s projects. It is our aim to raise at least €2,000. Please help us by clicking here and making a donation.



Camille Domange

Group General Counsel and Public Affairs Director

Endemol Shine France
10 rue, Waldeck Rochet
93300 Aubervilliers, France
+33 (0) 1 53 56 44 00