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ES Group: Munten Actie

Donating old coins and paper money towards good causes

About this project

Mr. Toon Borst aka The Muntenman (The Coin Man), who lives in Amsterdam Zuidoost, collects old coins and paper money – currently not in circulation but still valuable – and contributes it to worthy causes. The money collected has been supporting refugees, victims of disasters and projects for children in countries like Brazil and India.

During Endemol Shine Group’s recent office clean up in Amsterdam, several boxes with old coins and old paper money were discovered and donated to Mr. Borst’s charity Munten Actie. In total, a sum of €450 was donated.

For more information about Munten Actie, visit www.muntenactie.nl




Daniëlle Hettema

Manager of Finance

Endemol Shine Group
MediArena 1
1114 BC Amsterdam-Duivendrecht, The Netherlands



€450 donated

towards good causes