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France: Nos Quartiers ont des Talents

Encouraging, supporting and promoting equal opportunities amongst young graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds and deprived neighbourhoods

About this project

Nos Quartiers ont des Talents (Our Neighbourhoods have Talent, NQT) have established themselves at the forefront of improving youth employment of young graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or from sensitive deprived neighbourhoods.

NQT strive to encourage, support and promote equal opportunities and offer mentoring sessions to those starting out in their professional careers which are qualities and incentives that Endemol Shine France greatly admire and agree should be fostered. Endemol Shine France particularly support the need for equal opportunity within the work place and society as a whole, giving talent, from all walks of life, a chance.

In early 2016 Endemol Shine France and NQT agreed that they could potentially help one another enrich the lives of many young people seeking career guidance. Very quickly 20 Endemol Shine France employees joined forces to create a committed in-house volunteering committee. Within a matter of weeks each member of the committee became a mentor to their “godchildren”. Taking the time to listen, advise, help and understand the challenges many individuals have encountered; a valuable relationship of trust and respect has been cemented, providing each “godchild” with confidence.

“With Endemol Shine France everything goes fast, very fast! Only 7 months of collaboration and there are already twenty mentors, “godchildren” have been employed in different sectors and twenty others are being closely followed. We know that we can rely on Endemol Shine France’s teams to pursue this work! Concrete actions are being organised to promote the professionalisation of young graduates, particularly for those who wish to enter fields of activity like Endemol Shine, of which we know the great complexity.” – Yazid Chir, President and Founder of Nos Quartiers ont des Talents

In January 2017, 9 young graduates had been able to find a long term job, and 34 were being regularly followed by their godparents. Some new sessions of information aiming at rallying more people to the cause and recruiting new volunteers to help young graduates will take place within the next few months, after the completion of the French Endemol Shine merger (May 2017).

We are currently working on other charity-based actions that will take definite shape once our merging organisation has found a balance. We are very much looking forward to being able to share about these next endeavours with the whole Endemol Shine Giving community.

To learn more about Endemol Shine France’s involvement with NQT visit: www.nqt.fr/news-154-nid-175.html


Camille Domange

Group General Counsel and Public Affairs Director

Endemol Shine France
10 rue, Waldeck Rochet
93300 Aubervilliers, France
+33 (0) 1 53 56 44 00



9 young graduates found a long term job

and 34 are being regularly followed by their godparents