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Israel: Rotary Foundation

Donations to underprivileged kids for the new school year

About this project

Inspired by an initiative of the Amsterdam office, Endemol Shine Israel decided to place a “change jar” at the office front desk.

After the jar was filled we contacted the Rotary Foundation, an NGO which unites professionals in different fields to help the community, and joined their project during which school bags and supplies for the upcoming school year were donated to underprivileged kids. A collaboration with Office Depot provided an additional 20% on each donation that was given as well as the bags and supplies.

Hundreds of gags were given to children, 10 of which by the donations collected by the “change jar” at Endemol Shine Israel. It made us very happy to donate to children that are unable to buy new supplies for the school year and we are looking forward to picking a new foundation to help, when more money will be accumulated in our jar.


Dikla Robino

HR & Production Manager

Endemol Shine Israel
12 Raul Wallenberg St
6971910 Tel Aviv



Hundreds of bags and school supplies

donated to underprivileged children